The Good Hurt

I have now had two personal training sessions. It hurts to sit down and stand up, so that’s fun. But it’s the good hurt. I’m enjoying the good hurt and know a lot of it is waking up muscles I’ve ignored for way too long. Monday I had an hour session after a 45-minute spin class. She kicked my ass. I went home, ate, and passed out. Getting out of bed the next morning hurt. I had every intention of running Tuesday, but basically every movement hurt and there was a Badger game on at 6:00pm. I foam rolled instead and remembered how much that can hurt. Also, hurts so good activity. Wednesday I ran three miles before meeting my trainer for 30 minutes. I had time to kill and decided running would loosen up my legs. It did. Thank goodness.

liftingWe are working on strength work and core work. Basically everything she has me doing I have done before at some point, but don’t remember exactly how to do it or just don’t do it. It’s no secret I’ve hated strength training, and core work usually ends up with me just laying on the floor. What, that doesn’t work? She noticed during our first session that my left ankle is still weaker than the right (the left foot was the injured one), so we are working on strengthening my ankles in addition to everything else. I’m often stupidly stubborn so am determined to do everything she tells me to do. My body lets me push it but did remind me there are limits. She makes me stop when I lose form or am obviously hurting. This is why I pay someone.

Today I don’t hurt so much. Standing up and sitting down is getting easier, which makes life easier. I will be going to spin class tonight, taking a rest day tomorrow, and spinning and/or running this weekend. She has given me homework of wall sits, ankle raises, and drinking more water. I kind of can’t wait to see what she has for me next week.

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