Something New

I was going to say I was trying something new for this training cycle, but then realized I’m not in a training cycle. I have a be more active and healthy plan. I’m doing it all different and not just building mileage to get across the finish line. To start, I’m not just running. I’m doing that crazy thing called cross training. I’m spinning and doing strength work and even more crazy, core work. I also ditched DailyMile awhile ago. I’ve tracked my running in excel sheets and through Garmin Connect. believeI spent some time searching templates and downloaded a few. In the end, I decided to order the Believe training journal. Krista had posted about it a few times and I just decided it fell into the trying new things plan. I love it. It’s something different and I need that right now. It is a place I can write down whatever I want. It’s not just pace and distance. It has advice and workouts and probably a lot more that I haven’t even found yet. There are pages for goals. I have written one down. I have ideas for more. They aren’t public beyond my previously stated goal of staying out of the orthopedic doctor’s office. I want to think carefully about what I’m doing. I want this to be more than running. I’m really enjoying mixing it up and balancing it. My trainer may be trying to kill me, but that is why I’m paying her. She pushes me and I’m so damn stubborn I barely show when I’m struggling or in pain. I can do it, dammit. I don’t like when my body gives me a limit that I don’t agree with. I have to assume it’s starting to make a difference though. I still hate pushups, but I don’t hate the core work nearly as much. I’m just excited to get back out there. I am excited to get back to racing at some point. And most of all I’m excited to be back outside.

Running back north along the Oak Leaf is probably my most favorite place to run.
Running back north along the Oak Leaf is probably my most favorite place to run.

2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. I love this post and really might have to check out this journal. I had incorrectly assumed it was just for running. Good to know. Keep up the good work, Renee. That stubbornness is going to get you where you want to be. 🙂

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