Choosing Races

I’m sitting here on a Saturday morning having already run my miles for the day. It was only five miles, but it was a wonderful five miles with no pain and I’m ready for more. I’m sitting here with three different race registration pages open. They are three different distances and I have different reasons for wanting to run all of them.

Madison Mini – I am so ready to be able to run a decent half marathon again. I maintain this is my favorite distance and it’s been a long time since I was actually trained for one. My PR is three years old and I’m ready to work towards breaking that. Not in Madison, but later this year. I want to see where I can be in August. I know I can get to the miles I need by August 22nd. Plus I love the course. It is a run down memory lane for me and there is an awesome post race party on the terrace. You can’t beat that.

The Race for the Bacon 5k – Fun local race I do every year. This is a no brainer. I just have to decide when to spend the money. Price doesn’t go up until April 30th. It would be fun to actually race it again, which I haven’t done since the first year when I won my age group. Mind you I am now in a new and harder age group so I won’t count on that, but my 5K PR is even older than my half PR so it’s time.

Cudahy Classic 10 Miler – Cheap and local race. Easy way to run 10 miles when it’s hot out. This was technically the first race Sara and I ever ran together even though we didn’t actually know each other off the internet until that day. Best accidental race buddy ever.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be looking at races again. I was so scared to for so long. Even when I started back up with my running I was so paranoid about my foot.

Working with a personal trainer is going great. I can actually tell I’m getting stronger, which is just awesome. I can do push-ups again. My core is getting stronger. I might just get to being all around fit instead of just running fit.

I’m ready to click register!

2 thoughts on “Choosing Races

  1. That’s a perfect plan really, using the Mini to assess where you are and shoot for a fall half to PR at, maybe the Milwaukee Running Festival?
    That Bacon run always sounds so fun!

  2. It is a lot of fun signing up for races. I try to run local race more now. I began to realize I was driving 80 miles RT to some 5Ks and it just seemed crazy.
    So I’m working on a schedule of local 5K and 10K races that I can plan for.

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