Half Marathon Training, Again

I suddenly realized my training plan for the Madison Mini starts next week. I guess I should finalize it. I have a general plan, mostly the long runs, scheduled out, but need the details. This is a get me through the miles plan. My only goal is to be under two hours. My real half goal will be in November when I have a good enough base to actually do speed training. I have Ragnar in basically three weeks so need all the miles I can get before then. I did not run a single step in Italy unless you count running to the train in Florence.

I’m actually looking forward to having a plan again and training for something. I’ve just been out here treading water it feels like. I’m still working with my trainer two days a week and still really liking that. I lost a bit while on vacation, but she won’t let me slack. I did walk a lot and hike in Italy so at least I didn’t just sit on my ass. And I didn’t gain any weight on a pizza and pasta diet.

Walk of the Gods, Amalfi Coast
Walk of the Gods, Amalfi Coast

After going through a million plans in books and online and based on my experience I adapted one I used a long time ago. It gets me up to 12 miles before the race with a short taper, all things I wanted. I really do think my body is stronger and I can’t wait to run through Madison again. It’s been too long since I last ran this race.

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training, Again

    1. Thanks. It was for my brother’s wedding. I will eventually get around to posting a bit more about it.

  1. I, too, find a lot of comfort in having a plan. After following training schedules so long I totally get the “treading water” feeling.

    Can’t wait to see how much strength you’ve gained with all your off season training.

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