Madison Mini: Goals and Thoughts

It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these posts. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I did. But Facebook or Timehop linked me to my post from three years ago, the last time I ran the Madison Mini. Sometimes those stupid apps remind you of good times and not random stupidity or things that you don’t want to remember.

I can’t really believe it was six years ago I ran my first half marathon. It’s been fun to think back on what I have accomplished, people I’ve met, races I’ve run. And that’s just the running part of my life.

Race Day Goals

  • Run another fun race with Mo
  • Don’t die or cry
  • Goal: Sub 2 hours
  • B Goal: As close to 2 as I can get
  • C Goal: Finish Half Marathon #19

Jen and I enjoyed a fantastic sunset at the Terrace already this year.The best part is that Mo is going to run with me. Over the last six weeks, I have only done one long run alone and it was terrible and horrible and miserable. The rest were done with either Mo or Sara. I kind of assume after surviving the Cudahy Classic 10 miler, Mo and I can do just about anything. I have started stalking the weather now that it’s only five days out and so far so good, but I’m not an idiot and know it will change 100 times before Saturday.

The other best part about this race is the finish line. We finish at the Memorial Union and then get post-race beers on the Union Terrace, which is one of my all time favorite places in Madison. I can’t wait to run through one of my favorite cities and see all my Madison running friends!

2 thoughts on “Madison Mini: Goals and Thoughts

  1. You & Mo are going to have a blast I’m sure. Leave it all out there on the course, get uncomfortable, laugh, HYDRATE, have fun, finish!

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