Milwaukee Running Festival Half Marathon: Goals and Thoughts

I started writing a recap of the Fall 50, which was awesome, but that will come later. I have the Milwaukee Running Festival Half on Sunday. When I signed up for this a year ago I was just hoping I would be able to run the distance again. Thankfully my foot healed and I am running again. I took this training a bit more conservatively than in the past with my constant fear of injuring myself again, but here I am two days from the race and I’m ready.

There are a lot of unknowns with a new race, but I trust the race director and his staff. I’m uncertain about the course, but I don’t ever really study courses anymore. There will be plenty of people in front of me and it will be well marked. Run to the finish line seems to be a good plan. It will be fun to run a race through my city. There is a lot I do know as well. I trained hard. I will have Sara by my side so it will be fun if nothing else. I’m ready to test my legs.


  • A Goal: 1:51:59
  • B Goal: 1:54:xx
  • C Goal: 1:57:xx
  • D Goal: 1:59:xx
  • Finish Half Marathon #20
  • Have a good time with friends

It’s going to be a fun race weekend. I have Mo and Nicole staying with me and lots of friends running this event. Saturday I will be at the expo all day working the Ragnar booth with my Ragnar Ambassador buddies so if you want some Ragnar goodies come find us.

See you out there.

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