Drumstick Dash 2015

A few years ago (2011) we were visiting family in California for Thanksgiving and I looked up Turkey trots in the general vicinity of my uncle’s house. I tossed the idea out to my immediate family and they all joined me at the Walnut Creek Turkey Trot and a new tradition was born.

Fast forward to 2015 and my mom and I had no idea if my dad and brother would even be home for Thanksgiving let alone want to run the Drumstick Dash. They both ended up with flights home getting in the Sunday before Thanksgiving so we signed everyone up for the race.

Hill family ready to run

I was looking forward to see what I could do at a 5k. We all waited together for the start and then I took off weaving my way through the walkers who for some godforsaken reason hadn’t started with the other walkers. I must have missed Levi fly by me at some point. I was trying to watch my pace to make sure I was pushing it, but not going out too fast. The mile 1 marker was early compared to my garmin, but I ignored it thinking maybe mile 2 would be long. Nope, each of the other mile markers were almost exactly what my garmin showed. (Side note: I know garmin isn’t exact.) I had weaved a lot at the beginning and actually expected my distance to be long. Boy was I wrong. My watch didn’t even get to 3.00 miles. (A friend also had the course short). My official time shows a PR, but I know it’s not and that’s annoying. Overall the family had a great day. Dad, Levi and I all finished 16th in each of our respective age groups and my mom finished 3rd in her age group. Mom did awesome and dropped several minutes. My brother was the 77 finisher overall.

I love that we have done this for the last several years. It’s a fun thing to do in the morning before the day gets crazy. We went home and made a lovely chorizo and gravy breakfast dish which we accompanied with champagne. Perfect way to start Thanksgiving.

Now I desperately want to run another 5k that’s actually 3.1 miles.

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