Love of the Mountains


That is why I love the mountains. Or really, one of many, many reasons why I love the mountains. This was an amazing view from the top out the Outback and Keystone Mountain. That is the Dillon Reservoir you can see frozen over in the distance. Summit County is a special place to me. I learned to ski at Keystone. My parents owned a place there for 12 years. We spent holidays, birthdays and other fun events out there. I think I have spent at least some time in Colorado 27 of my 31 years. Those missed years need never to be repeated.

This most recent trip was planned on a whim of “hey, there are cheap flights to Colorado and we haven’t been out there in awhile.” (Awhile translates to I hadn’t been on my snowboard in five years.) I am so glad we made this trip happen. It was short, but wonderful and I don’t regret any of the money I spent.

Marie, Dad, Mom and Me

We had four glorious days on the mountain. Marie joined us on day 2. We met up with family friends we hadn’t seen in years, but have known since before I was born. I was particularly happy to learn I had not forgotten how to snowboard. Day 1 was a little difficult, but it came back to me quickly. We had wonderfully warm, sunny weather all four days. We got in as many runs as we could, which equalled about 80,000 vertical feet in four days. (The Epic Mix app is more fun than I thought it would be.) I’m impressed with what we got in. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten on the plane and gone straight to the mountain ever before.

Marie, Dad, Mom and Me

I had semi-serious thoughts about the feasibility of moving to Colorado. I miss it so much. I know Boulder isn’t the same Boulder I spent summers visiting my grandparents, but there is something so special about Colorado. I have never actually live there, but it feels like I have. My parents and I all said that going to Keystone feels like going home even though we don’t have the condo there anymore.

It was only semi-serious. The thought of applying for a job or moving halfway across the country again makes me want to crawl into a hole so this won’t actually happen, but Colorado will always be on my mind.



3 thoughts on “Love of the Mountains

  1. Colorado is one of those places I want to visit, I just suck at traveling! That’s so cool that you went on a whim! and anytime you say something about your parents I’m always wow’ed at how cool they are.

    1. You would love Colorado. So many outdoor activities and way better weather than Wisconsin. The drive is very doable. We used to do it once or twice a year.

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