March Madness

I love the madness of March. It brings my favorite sporting event of the year, my birthday and spring!

As most everyone who reads this blog knows I am diehard Wisconsin Badger fan. The last several Marches have been fun to say the least. Expectations were a lot lower this year and I’m really quite happy with where this team ended up and where they are going.

I celebrated my 31st birthday and the Badgers won on my birthday again. This is a fairly common occurrence with the date of my birthday and March Madness. I made a pretty big deal about turning 30 last year and decided this year would be a much more low key birthday.


I went for a lovely morning run with friends and then a delicious brunch. After racing the Lucky Leprechaun the day before I was really happy with the 6 miles we ran. And however repetitive this is, I am so glad to be back to almost normal running again. A sprained ankle is an utter pain in the ass and I had such a fear of reinjuring it. The Lucky Leprechaun was a PR because it was a 7K and the only other time I ran it was in the snow a few years ago. Let’s just say I have a ways to go before my racing legs are back. 20160326_195919

To end out the month I ran 8 miles with Mo and then we drank a bunch of beer in Chicago. I felt surprisingly good after the 8 miles and now feel quite confident I can do the Door County Half in a little over a month. I keep thinking about a training plan and have decided I just need to get a good base in and slowly increase the mileage. Door County is going to be fun. I’m going going for any time goals here. At some point I’ll actually pick a goal race for the fall and then I’ll make a plan, maybe.

Next up: Shamrock Shuffle, Crazy Legs, and the Door County Half Marathon!

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