Spring Races

Shamrock Shuffle

Almost a month ago I froze my ass off running the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago with Mo. I don’t even remember how long ago I registered for it, but I’m usually up for a running adventure with Mo. It was an early and cold morning. I’m pretty sure I was cold for a good 7 hours except for the 42 minutes we were running.

Stolen from Mo’s race report “I never felt great, but I never felt awful.” I think that sums up that whole race. I was happy with our finish time. I was not happy with the frigid weather. All in all, it was a fun weekend in Chicago with Mo. Beer, running, and friends always equal a good time.


Fast Forward a month and I ran another 8k, this time in Madison. I ran Crazylegs for the first time in 8 years and am so glad I did. It runs from the Capitol through campus to Camp Randall. I basically always love running in Madison so being able to run this again was awesome. I easily convinced Jen to join me. She had never run Crazylegs. I felt good, not great and ran almost the same time as I ran in Chicago. I went out a bit fast (the first mile may have been sub 8) but then ran a pretty steady race excluding the Observatory Hill mile.


One of the many things I love about running in Madison is getting to see friends I don’t see often. As I was finishing the race I heard the name of a friend who lived on my floor freshman year right before my name. And then as I crossed the finish line I found another friend. Out on the course, I saw my former tri coach, which is always fun. Cindi is the person who made me believe I could be a runner.

Door County Half Marathon

I haven’t run this one yet, but I have a lot of thoughts going into it. Mostly, where am I at? What can I run right now? I made the mistake at looking at all my half time from last fall. I don’t think I’m there right now. On a positive note, I get to run in Door County with lots of my awesome running buddies. There will be beer, food and running. Maybe even a hot tub (hopefully it’s open).

Race goals:

  1. have fun with friends.
  2. finish


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