Door County Half Marathon

I loved this race even though it did not go according to plan. First off, the weekend itself was great. Race weekends with my favorite running buddies are one of the best things ever. My race wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible. It was another half marathon and I finished. I got a little down on myself a few days later, but there’s nothing to do about the race now.

I started the race with Mo and Sara as planned and felt great the first several miles. So great in fact, that I went way faster than was smart to run.

DC Half 6
Look at us concentrate!

Reason #254 Mo and Sara are the best running buddies a girl could ask for: They slowed down and walked through aid stations until I found them. I already knew it wasn’t my day, but really tried to power through and stay with them. I did not, but it was nice to see them up in front of me. After that I switched my goal to sub 2. The 2 hour pace group was still near me. I leap frogged them a few times. They were most definitely ahead of pace. I really had to push to get through. I never questioned my ability to finish, but it was not pretty.

DC half 2
I managed to look happy here. It’s a pretend smile.

I was miserable. This half was probably my worst mile 12 ever. I don’t even know what happened. But I finished and right at 2 hours. I’m not mad about the race. I’m just unhappy with where my running is even though I think I knew I wasn’t completely prepared.

It was a beautiful course and I want to go back next year. And I certainly didn’t let my less than perfect race ruin the weekend!

Photo stolen from Jen because I was too dumb to take any in the park.

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