Running will always be a love/hate relationship

I have a perpetual problem of overscheduling myself and not following my own color coded google calendar. This being said I ran Ragnar Chicago for the 6th time this past weekend in the seventh circle of hell weather and then had a 5k on Thursday. Both of these runs were with people that I adore running with, yet in one, it was 94 degrees and I couldn’t even fake a smile and in the other it was 68 and all we did was have fun. These pictures show so much.

However miserable Ragnar was this year (and I will get around to recapping all it’s horribleness), it was so much fun and we had a great team. And then coming into Thursday night’s 5k, neither of us wanted to run and just decided to do whatever so we had fun. I’m so glad I ran both of these and so glad I have Mo and Sara. However much running is an individual sport I don’t think I could do it without these two people.

I’m so caught up in my love/hate of running that I can’t decide if I’m doing a fall race. My last race of the year at this point is the Madison Mini in August. I love racing, once I’m out there. I love that it’s something to work toward. It’s a sense of accomplishment and yes, I need that. I hate the cost of racing at this point. I hate it so much. I keep not registering for a local race, that I want to run again, but am upset over cost. I could sleep in my own bed and have basically no costs that weekend if I just stay in town and run it. But it’s SO MUCH MONEY for a HALF MARATHON. Do I suck it up and pay it? Do I continue to whine about it? Will I regret not signing up for it? Plus, what on earth do I do this fall without a fall race?

I want this feeling again, probably my best race photo ever.

I dont hate running
I don’t hate running!