Summer Running

I’m here to bitch about the heat.

Apparently, I have a half marathon in three weeks. I’m not even sure how to summarize my training. I’ve been running. I have the distance. I’ve been working with my trainer and am definitely stronger. I’ve been going to yoga. I think about doing speedwork. I guess you could call my evening 5ks speed work.

Speaking of, I signed up for The¬†Travelling Beer Garden Series this summer. It has been fun to run in different area parks and meet up with friends on Thursday nights. Even when I haven’t wanted to run I’ve had a good time.

And of course the Bacon Race, one of my summer favorites; It was last week and we had magical weather. We look like we’re having fun because we were. I’m pretty sure the only thing getting me through summer running is having one of my best friends by my side.

Bacon Race Year 5!

The Madison Mini will be the first race in a long time that I am running without Sara or Mo. I think it’s good to see what I can manage without one of them there, but what on earth do I do for 2 hours without one of my running besties next to me? Do I even remember how to run on my own? I used to do it all the time. The fun part will be running through Madison, which I just love, and hanging out on the Memorial Union Terrace, one of my favorite places.


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