Surgery Prep

This is mainly social. There are other things I need to do, but seeing as many friends as possible is really high up there. Dinners, lunches, movies and more have filled my calendar and while I would normally yell at myself for over-scheduling like this, but I’m loving every second of it. I have a few lunches still open.

I’ve also had a bunch of doctor’s appointments and I think have now been signed off by 5 doctors to have the surgery. I’m healthy enough and all the tests they’ve done say I’m ready for the surgery.

wp-1484268957763.jpgThis week I finally found two different Appendix Cancer FB groups and they are great. I’ve heard from so many people that had my surgery and are cancer free 2, 3, 5, 9, 11 years later. It’s what I needed to see. Talking to people who have gone through this is so helpful. Yes, it’s a huge surgery and the first few weeks will be difficult, but I will come out strong. And I have my new treadmill, thanks to the best brother in the world, so I can get my walking in without dealing with Wisconsin winter. I’ve used it every day since he got it for me. I will be strong going into the surgery and will work hard after it.

On a sad note, the love of my life, Anamaya, and her parents have gone back to Italy. This little person makes my day every day. I would do anything for her. Include climb under a baby play toy to take a picture. It has been so fun to have her here and see how much she has grown and change. My favorite things is she knows me now. She would fuss with a stranger (to her) and be happy when I took her back. wp-1484268990061.jpg

Next week I’ll get around to packing my hospital bag and move back downstairs to my guest room. It’s much easier to be on the same floor as the bathroom and to be able to lock out the cats as I don’t remotely trust them to not climb on me and my incision.

As far as visiting me in the hospital I have no idea how I’m going to feel so please don’t ask. I will let people know if and when I’m up for visitors. You can also contact my parents.

As always I really appreciate all the good wishes and cards and gifts. I’ve stopped trying to figure out how some of you have gotten my address. I just appreciate it.

My mantra through this all is still Cancer is life-altering, but not defining.”   I mean this. Always. I know all I’m doing is writing about cancer now, but I am still me. I still like doing things with my friends and still love to travel and even have a trip planned to visit the baby and her parents later this spring. Fingers crossed I get medically cleared for that.

2 thoughts on “Surgery Prep

  1. I just got caught up on all your posts. Words don’t seem sufficient but I wanted you to know I really feel for you and I’m thinking positive thoughts. You probably feel beaten down from everything but you come across strong as hell! You obviously are doing the work to make yourself as informed as possible and then wisely trusting the experts to do the rest. My god it’s hard to not be 100% in control of a situation but you are finding a way to get through this. I’ll continue to think positive thoughts for you!

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