Now What

On Wednesday April 19th I received the best news in the last 9 months: CLEAN SCANS! No evidence of disease. My totally horrible, invasive surgery and recovery were worth it. I’ve never seen my doctor looks so happy. I choked back tears as he gave me the results and then spent most of the day in tears. I was so nervous going in for this appointment. I was terrified of more chemo or another surgery.  After the elation my fears have risen back up. My scans might not be clear in another 3 months, 6 months, 5 years or 10 years, but I can not dwell on that. I think this is why my surgeon told me to live my life and not think about the cancer diagnosis.

And live my life is what I plan to do. It started with drinking champagne four, no five, days in a row. It started with a giant sigh of relief. I got together with friends. I took my parents to dinner as a thank you for something I will never truly be able to thank them for. I joined a friend for her son’s soccer game. I walked around the entirety of my park for the first time since fall. I’m going to Door County with my friends even though I won’t be running the half marathon. I’m going to Madison. I’m finally going to Italy, after two cancelled trips, to visit my brother, sister-in-law and baby niece. I’m going to Portland for a wedding. I’m going to enjoy my summer. There will be grilling, kayaking, swimming, fires and even baseball games.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me through this: friends, family, internet friends, high school and college friends I hadn’t spoken to in years, friends of friends. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

3 thoughts on “Now What

  1. Hi there! Just found your blog….I was also diagnosed with appendix cancer (low grade mucinous neoplasm, officially). I had CR and HIPEC on 02/20/17 at Duke in NC. Lost my spleen, omentum, ovaries and peritoneal lining. Got the wonderful NED report this week at three month scans. ❤️ I’m a (slow) runner and am looking forward to getting back to it. Looks like we’re at similar stages in diagnosis and recovery!

    1. Great to hear you got good news too. I lost my spleen, gallbladder, omentum, peritoneal lining, uterus, the ovaries and appendix were taken out during an earlier surgery. I just started running a tiny bit again. Lots of walking with a minute of running every 5 minutes. It felt weird but good.

      1. We are in similar boats! I started a little running at 9-10 weeks but it’s been a struggle. My surgeon accidentally poked a hole in my diaphragm while removing disease. Breathing in humidity is hard (I’m in North Carolina 😬). Yoga has been my friend. Good to “meet” you!

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