It’s been quite a Year

I went in for my six-month scans on Monday morning. Six months from the worst surgery you can imagine. Six months to become me again, to have my body back. Six months. It’s also a year from when this all started. The worst, scariest, most difficult year of my life. One day while on vacation I actually opened Timehop and found this post. I had no idea how true that stupid tweet was. I had no idea that I had a tumor growing inside me, but I did know something was wrong with me. It was only a few weeks after tweeting this that I went in to see my primary care doctor and my life changed forever.

I met with both my medical and surgical oncologists this morning. They both walked into the exam room full of smiles. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see them this happy. My labs were all normal. My tumor markers are good. I scans are still clean, and maybe even look better than they did three months ago. They tell me I’m the poster child for activity and have no worries about my recovery right now. I even get to have my port removed next week. They tried to schedule it for the day of the Bacon Race. No, I will not have a small surgical procedure done on the day I’m supposed to run my first 5K in a year. They easily moved it to Friday.

After several canceled trips due to diagnosis, chemo, and surgery I finally made it to Italy to celebrate my niece’s first birthday and it’s probably one of the best vacations of my life. I’m so grateful to have made the trip and to have been an almost normal me on this vacation. This little girl is my whole world even though she lives so far from me; so I bought her green sandals and we went for a walk in the piazza. IMG-20170707-WA0000

This was very literally one of the best vacations of my life and it had nothing to do with it being in Italy. There were points in the last year where I wondered if I’d ever get back to Italy and visit my brother and his family. There were times I worried I wouldn’t be here to watch my niece grow up. Those thoughts broke my heart. Thankfully I am sitting here returned from a wonderful trip to visit my family. My brother married into an amazing family. I love my SIL with all my heart and her family. I am so grateful that I got to go on this trip.



One thought on “It’s been quite a Year

  1. What a wonderful thing to read to start my day. You are amazing working so hard to regain your health and your life. You look so incredibly happy. I am happy for you!

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