Crunch Time for the Cancer Crush

I’m running five miles in less than three weeks for the MCW Cancer Crush. When I launched my team, Run with Renee, three months ago I thought running the 5 miles would be easy. But then summer happened and I got busy doing everything else. It’s not that I’ve been on the couch doing nothing. I’ve been biking and hiking and kayaking and strength work and yoga. I’ve been traveling and visiting friends and family. I’m sure I can run the 5 miles, but probably no faster than I could three months ago. Oh well, my main goal when running my half back in May was not letting cancer steal that from me. I ran a post-cancer half marathon and I ran a post-cancer Ragnar and I really have no idea if I’ll do either again. But at least it’s on my terms and not cancer’s terms. This is my body and I’ve fought so hard to be where I’m at today. I’m strong. I’d like to give a special shout out to Karen at RunFitMKE and the other lovely ladies I’ve been working out with for the last six months. I’ve had so much fun getting to know all of them and getting stronger and seeing the changes in my body.

Run with Renee crushing it on a 10k hike in Tuscany!

When I launched Run with Renee three months ago I initially hoped to raise $2500. I didn’t know what to expect. I upped the amount in the first day, possibly before it went public. You are all amazing. The amount kept going up and up and we’ve raised close to $7500. For awhile I started thinking I could raise $10,000. Can I raise another $2500 in the next three weeks? I have no idea. I don’t really know what to do any more. The one thing that will help a little is anyone still thinking of registering to run or walk the one or five mile event on September 22nd should join the team! It’s $25 and you’ll get a sticker. There’s a million things going wrong in the world these days and I feel like this is one little thing I can do. I’m still so so happy with all the care I received at the Froedtert and MCW Cancer Center. That is why I’m doing this. That is why I’m going to keep asking for more funds. Every dollar makes a difference.

I have had a lot fun racking up the miles for the Cancer Crush, whether it be walking or hiking or kayaking. It’s been a fun extra motivation to get out there this summer. Now I need to actually run more over the next three weeks. No matter what this has been a fun adventure. I have some pretty great Run with Renee buddies across the globe. Love you all.

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