Memories are a funny thing. There are lots of good memories and many not so good ones. I wrote a fairly long Instagram post yesterday connected to my Top 9 posts on Instagram this year. It’s funny to look back on what you all like the most versus what I remember the most from this year. 

Instagram’s Top Nine

I would agree that one of the top things this last year was being cancer free at the one year mark. But every three months as I continue to be cancer free, it is a more significant thing. I will never stop celebrating. 

cropped-run-with-renee_c1v1r1_white-e1533050698921.jpgIn following my wonderful surgeon’s directions, I am living my life. Yes, running was part of my year, but really only the first half of the year. I’m incredibly proud of finishing that half marathon in May, but do not think it defined my year in the way that Instagram seems to think it did. Launching Run with Renee was a considerable accomplishment, and I am still so grateful to everyone who donated and participated this year. Don’t think you have seen the last of my super awesome logo. 

Sometimes I feel like my life is back to normal and then I realize it’s really a new normal. I went through this crazy thing and time has passed. Life will never be the same, and that’s okay, and that’s good. As I recently shared on FB, I am so grateful to finally have much of my strength back. I don’t think my biceps look quite as good as they did in the summer before my diagnosis, but that just means I have something to work toward. 

Crazily enough, I go in for my TWO-year scans in about a month. That’s insane. I’m two years removed from my last chemo. I will start having scans less frequently. I was still quarterly for this second year. I’m not sure how I feel about that just because I like that they are looking. It means that if something ever were to happen, they would see it earlier. As always, I will defer to my brilliant doctors and trust they know what they are doing. 

I did a lot of travel this year. Mostly to visit friends and family all over. I don’t regret one second of it. Did I spend too much on travel this year? Probably, but oh well. Also, go to Portugal. It is a fantastic country. At some point, I might get around to writing more about it. I also had popcorn and apples for dinner a few times. Should I have run more this year? Maybe. I don’t care. I kayaked. I hiked. I drank wine. I climbed castles. 

Some of my favorite memories from the year: 

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I’ve connected with fellow survivors through many different channels, and I love that. If you want to see something really cool, check out #lifeaftercancer on Instagram. It makes me so happy. There are so many dark parts of cancer, but this hashtag is the best. 

Here’s to a great 2019 and lots more adventures. 

2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. “Sometimes I feel like my life is back to normal and then I realize it’s really a new normal.” … I love everything about this statement, something I can relate with on a much different level. I might borrow it!
    I’m so happy you’re living your best life! Looking forward to reading more about Portugal and all of your other awesome adventures, even if it is “just” popcorn for dinner!

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