3 Years Ago

Three years ago my life changed forever. Sometimes the last three years are just a blur in my head. That one year is truly a blur. There’s a million things I don’t remember. I know I sat through eight rounds of chemo, but those days aren’t a strong part of my memory and that’s 100% okay. I don’t need to remember all of that. I barely remember being told I have cancer. I honestly can’t tell you if my doctor or one of my parents told me. I don’t remember most of the horrific five week hospital stay, which I’m so grateful for. I remember that it was horrible, but of the days upon days I was stuck in that stupid bed I mostly remember the kind kind people who visited me and made it all a little bit better.

This day will always be weird, but hopefully it will be less memorable as the years go by. I am now over 2.5 years cancer free and finally graduated to scans every 6 months. This will likely continue for another 2.5 years and then every year forever. However much I loved my care team I can’t say I miss them.

I am raising money for the MCW Cancer Crush again. Please consider donating today or joining my team, Run with Renee. Join us for a 1 mile or 5k walk or run on September 28th, 2019. Together we can help raise funds that go directly to cancer research. I can’t even express how much it meant to me how many of you supported Run with Renee last year. While I don’t expect to raise $10,000 again I would love to raise at least $2500, if not $5000. Please help me get there.

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