Lucky Leprechaun 7k

This is the first year in four years that I haven't run a March half marathon, specifically the National Half, which I still hate is now a Rock'n'Roll race. For obvious reasons it was not in the cards this year, but still sad to not run through my favorite city. Instead of running a half … Continue reading Lucky Leprechaun 7k

Running, what is that?

I haven't run in awhile. It's been long enough I don't actually want to count the days. I deleted my DailyMile email without opening it because in my eyes it would have said "You're a lazy-ass", which is true right now. My couch and I have a deep bond. I don't even come up with excuses … Continue reading Running, what is that?

Running, Crashing and Christmas

First off can I just say how much I love 4 day weekends. It was totally fantastic. I started my long weekend by running out the door at 3:01 on Thursday. I had no intentions of working later than I had to and if they were giving us 2 free hours I was certainly going … Continue reading Running, Crashing and Christmas