Memories are a funny thing. There are lots of good memories and many not so good ones. I wrote a fairly long Instagram post yesterday connected to my Top 9 posts on Instagram this year. It's funny to look back on what you all like the most versus what I remember the most from this … Continue reading Memories

Colorado Adventures

I spent Labor Day weekend in Colorado. My mom and I decided earlier this summer it had been too long since we'd been out there and we needed to see the mountains. So we checked out flights, I used up my stupid Frontier miles and we made it happen. And then I got injured. Which killed … Continue reading Colorado Adventures

A Runner’s High: My New PR

I still can't believe my time. I am so so exited about what I was able to run. I never wrote down my goals for this race, but really they have been the same since August 2010: break 1:55. And I finally did it! Not only did I break 1:55, I crushed my previous PR by 4 … Continue reading A Runner’s High: My New PR