March Madness

I love the madness of March. It brings my favorite sporting event of the year, my birthday and spring! As most everyone who reads this blog knows I am diehard Wisconsin Badger fan. The last several Marches have been fun to say the least. Expectations were a lot lower this year and I'm really quite … Continue reading March Madness

Love of the Mountains

That is why I love the mountains. Or really, one of many, many reasons why I love the mountains. This was an amazing view from the top out the Outback and Keystone Mountain. That is the Dillon Reservoir you can see frozen over in the distance. Summit County is a special place to me. I … Continue reading Love of the Mountains

My Right Hamstring

My right hamstring and I are not getting along. At all. It hurts when I am sitting, especially driving. It hurts if I run fast or far. It hurts when I don't run. I cannot express how glad I am that I decided weeks ago not to run Lakefront. Can you imagine the insane mess … Continue reading My Right Hamstring