Running toward something

I wasn't running toward something new this weekend. In reality, I was running through the past, but with a new perspective. I visited Washington DC this past weekend to see friends and had the opportunity to get in a run while there. Every time I'm in DC it opens my brain to the stupid What If game. My friends … Continue reading Running toward something

Take nothing for granted

I slugged through a 10 miler this weekend. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't fast and it made me hate that I hadn't run that distance in over a year. I miss the days of a 10 miler being normal. I won't call it easy, but I could set out on the weekend and run 10 … Continue reading Take nothing for granted

Choosing Races

I'm sitting here on a Saturday morning having already run my miles for the day. It was only five miles, but it was a wonderful five miles with no pain and I'm ready for more. I'm sitting here with three different race registration pages open. They are three different distances and I have different reasons … Continue reading Choosing Races