Running, what is that?

I haven't run in awhile. It's been long enough I don't actually want to count the days. I deleted my DailyMile email without opening it because in my eyes it would have said "You're a┬álazy-ass", which is true right now. My couch and I have a deep bond. I don't even come up with excuses … Continue reading Running, what is that?

Running Break

I've been pretty much training consistently since November 2011. A few weeks ago my coach threw out the idea of a break. I immediately responded with the dates I was going to be in Phoenix knowing full well I had zero desire to run there. Lows of 87, highs of 111. It was hot to … Continue reading Running Break

Goals and Thoughts for Tyranena Beer Run Half Barrel

I am going about this one completely different than I did for RnR St. Louis. I had goals there, the went bad. I want to run and have fun. One of my best friends is running her first half marathon on Saturday! I am so excited for her. This was 100% her decision to train … Continue reading Goals and Thoughts for Tyranena Beer Run Half Barrel