Door County Half Marathon: Thoughts and Goal

Goals and thoughts. So many thoughts. One goal: run and finish my 24th half marathon. (Yes, I went back and counted.) I have mentally gotten myself to a place where I am okay with the fact that this will be my slowest half ever. It is what it is. I have had a million thoughts … Continue reading Door County Half Marathon: Thoughts and Goal

Training Plans

I've run quite a few half marathons. I could go back and count, but I'm pretty sure it's somewhere between 15-20. I don't really care the exact number. When I started it was a brand new thing and 13.1 miles seemed so far and a huge accomplishment. I really had no idea how I was … Continue reading Training Plans

Will I ever run again?

Sure that's hyperbole, but it's definitely a thought I've had a lot lately. I'm still not running which makes it almost three months of no running. Thankfully for my mental health I have discovered spinning. Day by day I am making improvements and today I finally got to run (mostly walk) on the Alter-G treadmill. … Continue reading Will I ever run again?

Wisconsin Half Marathon: Race Recap

I find I'm not actually very good at writing these recaps, but I'll give it a go anyways. We all know I was under trained and had thrown my goals out the window. I think I still ran the race because 1) Thai Phi was coming into town to run it and 2) I've wasted … Continue reading Wisconsin Half Marathon: Race Recap

Running Ups and Downs

I was afraid to recap last year. I was terrified to count up the miles. I didn't want to see the number. I didn't want to know how my couch bonding time affected the numbers. I know the numbers are arbitrary, but I also know that I was only injured for about a month of … Continue reading Running Ups and Downs