I took my foot injury pretty well. Even when I thought it was a stress fracture. At this point I almost wish it was just so I would know what was happening. I'm out of the boot (thank goodness) or I thought I was. I continue to go to physical therapy. I feel like I'm … Continue reading Frustration

Walk, Run and Wag 5k

I ran this race last year as part of a friend's Bachlorette weekend. It was picked solely because it fell on the right day. Then I adopted my wonderful Rosie last July and realized I could run the six-legged race in 2014. I basically registered the second it opened and paid an extra $5 for … Continue reading Walk, Run and Wag 5k

Winter Running

Winter running is running in the cold. Winter running is running in the snow. Winter running is running indoor on a treadmill. Winter running is running in circles at the Pettit National Ice Center. I think I have done all four of those this week. You have to be flexible. You have to wear seven … Continue reading Winter Running

October: Full of Running and Racing

I'm in the midst of three races in three weeks because I'm an idiot who can't read a calendar/they are all fun local(ish) races. Two weekends ago I ran the Monster Run quarter marathon. It was a blast. A ton of friends and my parents ran it. It was my second official quarter marathon. And … Continue reading October: Full of Running and Racing