Brain Dump

I want to want to run for hours at a time again. I look at half marathon times and can't remember the last time I ran over an hour. Heck, an hour and half sounds nice. Of course that doesn't go well when you don't run. Instead I'm excited when I hold a sub 10 … Continue reading Brain Dump

Never Ending Winter

Our never ending winter is getting to me. Actually it's getting to everyone. It sucks. It is April and feels like February. Mother Nature teases us with one or two nice days and then it's disgusting and freezing again. I actually woke up the other morning due to the wind and rain and thought my … Continue reading Never Ending Winter

To race or not to race

I am supposed to run the Tyranena Half Barrel this weekend. I love this race. It's a great end of the season race. I had planned on just having fun running with Sara. It was supposed to be perfect weather like last year. I was supposed to be well trained. Instead I have an injured … Continue reading To race or not to race

Lakefront Marathon: Spectator edition

I wish I wanted to run. I wish I wasn't injured. I wish I hadn't gotten sick right before the Madison Mini. I wish I knew how to get back on track. I won't go on and on for several paragraphs whining and bitching because even I don't want to read that crap. Instead I … Continue reading Lakefront Marathon: Spectator edition