3 Years Ago

Three years ago my life changed forever. Sometimes the last three years are just a blur in my head. That one year is truly a blur. There's a million things I don't remember. I know I sat through eight rounds of chemo, but those days aren't a strong part of my memory and that's 100% … Continue reading 3 Years Ago

Race Recap: Wisconsin Half

My alarm went off at 4:30am. It was dark and pouring rain. The rain was not supposed to be happening. It was not in the hourly forecast when I went to bed. I decided to ignore it and go about getting ready for the half. I quickly got dressed, made breakfast and drove over to … Continue reading Race Recap: Wisconsin Half

April in Review

Running Overview: Total Mileage: 101 Miles with Sara: 61 Total Miles to date: 426 Longest Run: 13.1 South Shore Half Races: South Shore Half, kind of. I didn't race it. I just had run running with Sara and Tracey. April was a take it easy month for me. I ran, fewer miles than planned, but … Continue reading April in Review

I’m running another Marathon

I did it. I registered for the 2012 Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. I will be running 26.2 miles again. It's been awhile. My one and only marathon was the Philadelphia Marathon in 2009. I had no idea what I was doing then. I had run my first half marathon only 4 months prior. I bought a … Continue reading I’m running another Marathon