Wisconsin Half Marathon: Race Recap

I find I'm not actually very good at writing these recaps, but I'll give it a go anyways. We all know I was under trained and had thrown my goals out the window. I think I still ran the race because 1) Thai Phi was coming into town to run it and 2) I've wasted … Continue reading Wisconsin Half Marathon: Race Recap

Wisconsin Half: Plans instead of Goals

I survived the death plague, or what others called it, a bad spring cold. What it really meant is I didn't run for two weeks. I could barely walk up and down the stairs without being horribly winded. I did run the South Shore half two weeks ago. That wasn't fun. I had lofty goals … Continue reading Wisconsin Half: Plans instead of Goals

2014 Racing

I'm trying something different this year. I'm racing very minimally. My next race is the Wisconsin Half in May. I am doing this for two reasons: 1) racing is effing expensive and it's an easy way to cut some costs and 2) I really, really want a sub 1:50 at the Wisconsin Half. I am … Continue reading 2014 Racing